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Bill can answer your Amplifier Repair questions
Doug is a tube amplifier repair specialist
Repairs, Upgrades and Restorations

Each of our staff members is specialized in his or her own area of expertise, making it easy to find the right person with whom you can establish a relationship with for the duration of the service cycle, whether it is a repair or upgrade of a tube amplifier, high end audio equipment, a reel to reel tape deck or anything else related to music electronics. Please review the services below and email your expert directly with any questions you might have. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact Katherine, our Office Manager, and she will direct you.
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Katherine Guille is our Office Manager. If you need help and don’t know where to start, send her an email with your questions. Katherine can help you with the status of your repair or order. She can answer general questions, take payments, arrange shipping and just about anything you can think of.
Bill Thalmann is our high-end audio expert. You should email him with questions regarding any of the major brands in the Hi-Fi world. Bill is also a certified installer for Apogee Ribbon Transducers.  He also works on all brands of turntables.
Doug Weisbrod is our guitar amplifier expert, offering experienced tube amplifier repair and more. He is versed in all the major brands as well as the more obscure. Doug is the designer of the Talos Basic.  He is also our guitar expert. He does set-ups, Buzz Feiten installations, finish repairs, pickup replacements, re-frets, neck sets, and major acoustic guitar repairs.
Tim Leinbaugh is our expert in digital processors, tape equipment, keyboards and anything obscure. Tim has been in the audio equipment repair business his entire career. He works on the most current products, such as Korg Tritons as well as vintage equipment such as a Fender Rhodes.  Tim also specializes in reel to reel tape deck repair and upgrades.
Corey Holland is our pro audio expert. He works on mixing boards, power amplifiers, solid state bass amplifiers, processors and just about anything you might find on a stage. Corey is also an accomplished drummer, spending almost 10 years on the road. Before Corey came to us he was the lead technician for a major Washington DC event company.

  We want to let you know that we can repair and refurbish just about any Turntable out there.  Contact Katherine      for details.
Michael Lederer has apprenticed under Bill Thalmann and Doug Weisbrod for over 10 years!  He re-cones speakers, and repairs turntables and keyboards.  He also assists Bill Thalmann on Apogee Speaker repairs, high-end audio upgrades and repairs.
Unparalleled Service, Enhancement, Restoration and Engineering of Musical Performance and High Fidelity Audio Technology.