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We Proudly Provide the Following Services:
Vintage Stereo Repair
Vintage Audio Repair
Vintage Amplifier Repair
McIntosh Stereo Repair
Vintage Guitar Amplifier Repair
​Reel to Reel Tape Deck Repair
Vintage Turntable Repair
And Much More!
Welcome to Music Technology Incorporated
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Bill can answer your Amplifier Repair questions
Doug is a tube amplifier repair specialist
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Music Technology Incorporated is the unparalleled source for electronic audio equipment and musical instrument repair, restoration and upgrades. Our technicians have decades of experience and are the best in the industry. In today’s musical entertainment market, musicians and venues employ a wide range of instruments, equipment and technologies, both vintage and state of the art. Music Technology Incorporated was created to provide an unsurpassed talent base of professional technicians to serve the electronic backbone of the musical entertainment market.
Introducing the new MTI Audio Output and Steady-Clock Upgrades for the OPPO 105 Player and other media players. Click here for more information.  Also, check out the latest review in Stereo Times!
Unparalleled Service, Enhancement, Restoration and Engineering of Musical Performance and High Fidelity Audio Technology
We provide all services on the following types of equipment:

Vintage Tube and Solid State Hi-Fi Amplifiers
Vintage Tube and Solid State Guitar Amplifiers
Tube and Solid State Bass Amplifiers
Keyboard Amplifiers
SACD and CD Players
Tape Decks, including Reel to Reel and Cassette Decks
DJ Equipment
Effects Processors
Vintage Keyboards and Synthesizers
Vintage Receivers
Digital Recorders
Vintage Speakers
Stringed Instruments
Vintage Equipment 

Some of the major HI-Fi brands we service are:

Conrad Johnson Design

For a list of Hi-Fi brands serviced by MTI click here.
Some of the major MI brands we service are:

Fender                   Mackie
Yamaha                 TEAC/Tascam
Roland                   Marshall
QSC                        Korg
​Mesa                Trainwreck
Check out our room at the 2014 Capital Audiofest!
DC Metro's Electronic Repair Shop.