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Welcome to Music Technology Incorporated
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Welcome to Music Technology Incorporated, your solution for electronic audio equipment repair, maintenance and upgrade services. Whatever technical problems you're facing, our team of technicians have decades of experience working on electronic audio equipment, handling everything from the best in high-end stereo, tube amplifiers, digital recorders, tape decks, pro audio and guitar amplifiers. At Music Technology, you can trust your musical equipment to our team of experts and fellow music lovers who have solved just about every problem imaginable, on all types of products, with our personal service guarantee.
With today's current music scene, no set or recording session or even personal performance is complete without a combination of instruments, speakers, mixers, recorders--the list just goes on and on. And if one piece malfunctions, the whole process falls apart with it. Music Technology is able to bring a wide breadth--along with depth--of experience by drawing on the expertise of a number of different technicians who have worked on all types of audio components. We handle everything from high-performance audio equipment to tube amplifier repair to mixers and recorders, home audio equipment, guitars, and keyboards, and much more. We also guarantee all of our repairs; we want you to be as confident with our work as we are. Along with maintenance services, Music Technology also offers a variety of used and new music equipment for sale that can either be ordered online or by visiting our shop, and we specialize particularly in Talos Instruments.
The difference is experience, dedication and creativity. With more than a century of combined experience, founders Bill Thalmann, Doug Weisbrod and Music Technology's talented team of technicians have an extensive background in all aspects of amplifier repair and audio electronics.
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